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Here is a list of equipment and supplies for all trailrides.

For a small fee you may use the facilities at Arrowhead Campground.

1. Seat belts (that work) for all occupants.
2. Working Emergency brake.
3. Tow points front AND rear.
4. Tools for Your trail repairs, if needed.
5. A jack capable of lifting your rig. No a factory Zuk jack will not lift a Zuk with 33's high enough to make a difference!
6. A snatch strap.
7. CB radio (try your best to have one as it makes the trail rides more fun and sfaer for everyone)
8. Trash bags
9. First Aid Kit
10. A trail pass!
11. A desire to have fun!

1. Fire extinguisher.
2. Spare parts, U-joints, Rag joint, Spark Plugs, a roll of electrical wire 10/12ga, etc...
3. Safety glasses.
4. Gloves and or Hand cleaner
5. Shop towels or rags.
6. Zip Ties.
7. Duct Tape.
8. Electrical tape.
9. Flashlight and fresh batteries.
10. An old blanket or Poncho (to lay on if needed while making a repair). Use your imagination, Plan for the worst and you will be ready for anything.

Comfort Items
1. Sunglasses
2. Sunscreen.
3. Bug spray.
4. Asprin, Tylenol, etc...
5. Toiletries
6. Baby wipes
7. Camera
8. Extra vehicle fluids

Camping Gear List
courtesy of Kirk "Biggerhammer" Rice
1. Tent large enough to fit all that are coming with me, We have all seen folks that try and cram 5 or 6 people in a 2 man pup tent.
2. Sleeping bags and pillows for all those that are in said tent!
3. Sleeping mat/Air matteress, The ground ain't soft!
4. Camp chairs, see above comment about the ground.
5. Firewood, What's camping without a camp fire?
6. Food.
7. A good cooler.
8. Beverages, Non alcoholic! It will not be tolerated!
9. Clothes for a couple of days. To include extra socks and underwear.
10. A light jacket and a heavy jacket, Mother Nature can be unpredictable.
11. A small grill for cooking, or just the grill grate to place over the camp fire.
12. Charcoal and lighter fluid, even if it's Matchlight!
13. Matches and a grill lighter (long butane lighter).
14. A couple of flashlights and fresh batteries that fit them!
15. Extra pair of shoes.
16. Shower supplies, soap, shampoo, deoderant, toothpaste/tooth brush, wash cloth, and towels.
17. Toys for the kids (if you have any), soccer ball, frisbees, tennis balls, etc...
18. Cooking utensils, griddle, spatula, plastic knives, forks, spoons, paper plates, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, Pam (cook spray).
19. A small camp table (you could use the cooler but it will be a pain everytime you need to get into it).

ALCOHOL IS NOT PERMITTED INSIDE THE PARK OR CAMP AREA. Please remember alcohol and trail riding don't mix! Drinking and driving will not be tolerated.  NO inappropriate behavior will be tolerated! We will be in a National Forest so there are rules to follow. Let common sense tell you what is right and wrong. Remember that when you are at the campsite or on the trails that you are representing the Zuk community and Zuwharrie. Anybody who can't behave themselves will be asked to leave and will be prohibited from future Zuwharrie events.