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There is a separate $5/day ( or $30/yr) state park trail fee that is not included in your event registration fee. These trail passes can be obtained at several locations/stores including any of the ranger stations and El Dorado Outpost. It is up to each individual to pay his or her trail fees. Your trail leader will check to make sure each vehicle has an active pass. There are ranger patrols throughout the area that will also stop and ticket you for not having a pass while on designated OHV trails. Remember, this money keeps these trails open.

1) Always make sure you leave plenty of room between you and the person in front of you. Especially on steep climbs and other difficult sections. DO NOT TAILGATE. On difficult obstacles, allow the person in front of you to clear the section before you attempt it.
2) Make sure you don't leave anyone behind or stranded. If you lose sight of the vehicle behind you, radio ahead and ask for the group to wait. Make sure everybody gets through the trail.
3) While you may love rolling down the trail with the vocal ensemble of Aerosmith belting out "Sweet Emotions", others may not. Please keep your music to yourself and respect others who would rather hear the hum of their engine, their spotter and their CB.
4) ONLY 1 SPOTTER AND ONLY IF REQUESTED. In the event that an obstacle requires a spotter, please have a single designated individual to spot. Three people calling out different directions is confusing to the driver and could result in damage to the vehicle and individuals.
5) Be courteous. Remember, you are going to be sharing the trail with other 4WDs, ATVs, motorcycles, hikers and mountain bikers.
6) ALCOHOL IS NOT PERMITTED IN THE PARK. Alcohol and trail riding don't mix. Drinking and driving will not be tolerated.

ATVs are not permitted to be driven anywhere inside the park except on the designated trails. This restriction includes all roads and camp site areas. There are designated parking/loading areas at the trail heads to park your trailer and off-load your ATV.

1) This is a state park so cutting down any existing plants, trees or branches is strictly prohibited.
2) Collecting naturally fallen material or bringing in your own firewood from outside the park is acceptable.
3) Please do not burn trash, bottles, cans, Jeeps or other foreign material in your campfire.
4 ) If you do have a campfire, ensure you secure the area when its done.